Bedouin Culture

Bedouins belong to Egypt!

Historically, bedouins live in our country already for long time. Their cultural inheritage is valuable and needs to be preserved. We respect very much their way of life and their cultural rules.

On the other hand, most bedouin tribes are missing any cilization infrastructure as like schools, doctors, hospitals, electricity supply, fresh water supply - all what every citizen in Egypt should have the right for.

It's a challenge to make them proud representatives of Egypt without interference in their way of life.
Future is coming!
Our Challenge
We are here to be ready for all what
is coming in the future to develop
a better Egypt - For All Of Us!
Official Thanks to...
the Governor of 6th October Gvt.,
who gives us the opportunity to be
a valuable part of the society, to improve
life conditions and awareness for the
Future Challenge.
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